The evening in which the following tale took place had the atmosphere and the semblance of many others. It was cold enough for me to need a jacket and, given the usual light pollution in cities, the moon and stars dimly illuminated the expanse of the sky.

My mum, my grandma, and a couple of uncles and young cousins ​​were present, laughing loudly as they ate Sunday comfort food. For my part, although my physical body was there, my heart and mind were far away. …

Say, for the sake of argument, that you’re the best magician in the entire Universe.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But Ariana, I thought this was a physics essay?”

I can assure, with a high degree of certainty, that it indeed is a physics essay. However, you’ll soon see why it is crucial for you to be a magician under the following scenario. So just trust me on this one, okay?

So, recapping, you’re the best magician in the Universe. In fact, your magical abilities are so spectacularly supreme that they allow you to do the impossible: mess up…

Gravity behaves how Sir Isaac Newton described it: You jump up and gravity brings you back down to the ground. You reach the brow of a hill and gravity accelerates you down the other side. Simply put, gravity is a force that affects and changes the motion of things.

Or at least that’s what it appeared to be like until that pesky Albert Einstein showed up.

Through his general theory of relativity, Einstein elaborated a mathematical formula for gravity, where this force is understood as the “unavoidable warping” of space-time. But how does said warping occur?

Well, whenever anything (be…

Despite being unable to listen to it with our ears, the stars in the sky keep a melodious and constant concert. Large stellar bodies emit low and deep sounds, similar to those produced by terrestrial tubas and double basses. While small stars take pride in their high pitched voices, which resonate like heavenly flutes. But this cosmic orchestra is not limited by the touch of a single note at a time. Instead, stars have thousands of sound waves, different from each other, that bounce in their nuclei at any given time.

This fact represents a huge astronomical revolution. Especially when…

“Order! Order in this court, please!” said the Honourable Judge, Ms. Rationality, as she pressed her gavel against the hard surface of the wooden table. She wasn’t one to lose her temper easily, but all of this ‘sentimental racketing’ was starting to get her slightly ‘exasperated’.

Fortunately, at the sound of her imposing voice and command, all of the senses, emotions and sentiments, as well as experiences and memories, understood it was time for the trial to begin.

And, setting aside all the ’emotional responses’, our Honourable Judge retook the word and with a solemn disposition proceeded to utter her…

Time, as a philosophical concept, deals with thought (or the measure of how far back we can remember things). In a universe full of things, we perceive changes, and through them, time. For all we know, things have changed, have been changing and will change regardless of ourselves, which makes it necessary for there to be a before and an after. But this doesn’t correspond to the universe, since the cosmos is indifferent towards change. In it, just energy states prevail. …

Spoiler alert: we can’t. :(

I don’t know what kind of thoughts must cross through the mind of an individual who bothers pondering upon these questions, but since I like to take pride in my lack of judgement towards people and their mental processes, I will offer my opinion (as a “serious physicist”) on the matter.

According to our current understanding, dark matter doesn’t care about us. In fact, it cares so little that it ignores us completely. Although we shouldn’t feel offended by this, because dark matter ignores everything. …


Yes, you. Come.

Take my hand.

Come on. Just take my hand.

Easy, right?

Now, together we shall embark on a journey.

Ah, but don’t look at me with that face!

Yes, I know you have responsibilities, a family, a job… yes, I already know that.

But I’d like to steal just a couple of minutes of your valuable time, because this journey is VERY important.

Don’t worry. This is not your typical trip in which suitcases and all sorts of preparations are required.

Instead, it is a timeless adventure where you and I will pretend for a moment…

I hold many memories of my days at the Linguistics Faculty of my old college. Some of these are joyous, given my inherent fondness for languages, whereas a couple of others are a bit more… egregious. Mainly because the workload was unusually heavy for such an “apparently easy” degree. But in addition to that, I must mention the lengthy and painstaking hours I had to spend refining my linguistic knowledge as well as my approach to the subject. Thus, from morphology to syntax, I employed my time learning anything and everything there was to acquire from this branch of science.

To put it simply, complexity is a wonderful thing. Not only because it involves diversity, but also because it is indispensable. Don’t believe me? Well, just look your surroundings. Everything you see overflows in details that serve as a testament to this quality. After all, it is thanks to complex factors that we can account for greater sophistication in an otherwise simplistic framework.

However, there’s a problem with complexity. If left unchained and unchecked, it turns out to be wasteful and increasingly incomprehensible. One only needs to take a look at undergrad academic papers to see what I mean. Sure…

Ariana A. Robinson

Writer, physicist, quasi-philosopher & multi-linguist. You know, your average human.

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